Fair Play Policy

Dalton Gaming has rights reserved to stop or cancel any match due to certain or uncertain reasons anytime, this will not be questionable by users/players.

It may be due to suspicious players found in the game. The process to cross check is done by spectators appointed by us and they have rights to disqualify the players who don’t play with dignity. The holder’s account can also be kept on hold if found indulged any unwanted activity. At the other end, winning prizes can also be cancelled for which such frauds cannot put any query.

In case, it is any technical issue from the website or app and the match gets cancelled then, the refund will be sent to the participants. However, the other process may take place which is setting a re-match at the same fees.

If it is all about not summiting right details of the participants then, without any explanation the reward will be cancelled for that particular player. And, at the same time player will not be entertained by refunding the fees.

Any player is not permitted to use Hack or Mod during the Gameplay session. In case, we find suspicious actions made by players then, we are eligible to take quick actions against them. This can put the player’s account at suspension. In this condition, the wallet balance of the player will be useless and no withdrawals are permitted.

If you are playing non-emulator matches then, don’t you forget that you are not allowed to use Emulator. It can make the player unhappy because such players will be instantly kicked by our gaming site. And in case, they are not being punished by kicking them out then, their rewards will be banned.

Before starting the game, participants should have Match details that basically hold Room ID and Password. These details can be collected through sms and the app of our gaming website. Once you grab the details, you can join the game quickly. In case, due to any personal fault, player doesn’t be the part of game at the same time then, it becomes tough to join later on and here, no refunds will be sent to player.

Some external issues like multi-tasking, sms delay, slow internet etc are the causes due to which you are not able to join the game room, in such cases you cannot get the refund too.

If the players are being automatically kicked without any prior information and due to unknown reasons then, refunds are applicable if we get the valid evidences. The evidences may be error screen/message or screenshot.

The mentioned polices here may be changed anytime as per ease and demand of our gaming website. This is why it is suggested to keep you updated about the rules of Dalton gaming via frequent visit of the website.

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